Power Hour - How to deal with long lists of "unimportant" tasks

    In an attempt to get a lot of shit done, I have done what many books and productivity systems have recommended over the years, which is to create a “todo” list and I’ll do my best to work through that.

    The interesting thing is that the longer I stick to one of these systems, the longer that list gets of things that just don’t ever seem to get done. Ughh, how annoying.

    My Journey from Zero to Developer

    I often get asked what caused me to give up being a “Youtube celebrity” and a life of playing video games for a living to go work at IBM.

    Well, discussing reasoning behind some of my life decisions could be a conversation of it’s own, but for now I’d love to share the story of my journey from having no idea what I was doing to landing one of the most amazing jobs I could ever ask for.